Jamie Foxx……GAY?

Originally I wasn’t going to post this because the sources were all from The National Enquirer which we ALL know isn’t much credible. Of course I change my mind because Jamie Foxx is just yummy and I know ya’ll still wanna know so let’s get right down to it! There are rumors going around that Jamie “Unpredictable” Foxx  used to dance for men as a male stripper(not a major surprise) but also he is in fact GAY!
MORE w/ pics

In a recent Lipstick Alley post, here’s what the anonymous publicist had to say…

“First, let me start off by saying that this is obviously a fake username and no I don’t have an account on here. I’ve been a lurker on LSA for quite some time and it was directly related to my job. My job in fact had me lurking on various message boards to find things out about my firm’s clients. What do I do? More like what did I do? I was a publicist in one of the top 5 firms in Hollywood (no not Roger & Cowan). The latter part should make it obvious that I am neither A. nor W., which means I was not nor have I ever been Jamie’s publicist but I know things.

From here on out anyone I can’t outright name will be called by the letter of their first or last name and in bold.

Some of this “tea” (as you call it) will be old because it goes back to early 2004 but it is quite relevant to now.

Back in early 2004 Jamie Foxx was in a club in which a man came up to him and supposedly said what’s up to Jamie and then proceeded to “grab his breast” <-Jamie’s exact wording. This is how the story was spun by the PR firm. However, lets dissect this a bit. What gay man do you know would actually go up to a straight man and grabs his pecs regardless if he knows him or not? Gay men are already afraid to openly hit on guys who are not in a gay club anyway so why did this guy feel so comfortable enough to do this? That’s because a few weeks earlier him and Jamie had sex. What he actually said to him was, “Hey baby. What’s up?” Jamie was furious and hit the guy. His PR firm spun the story away and apparently dude was paid off. Another encounter happens again. His PR firm hushes it. Jamie is on thin fucking ice with his team and he knows.

Another incident happens. How do they decide to spin this one away? Well, what all PR firms have done! They make up an elaborate story. Do you all remember when some sex photos of Jamie Foxx and some woman came out? They claimed that a man named Mark Pithian from Las Vegas went through Jamie’s trash and found the pictures. Mark Pithian doesn’t fucking exist. Pithian apparently was a victim of a beating by some of Jamie’s supposed friends (which the PR firm had him deny, the point of the story was to make him seem straight not a thug). Mark Pithian then filed a police report that you can read on a certain site. Said site was contacted by the PR firm to hide the victim’s name, which they did. Now ask yourself why? The firm leaked the damn story and even mentioned the man’s name several times. That’s because dude doesn’t exist! I want all of you LSA detectives to find me Mark Pithian in Las Vegas. He was made up.

If you’re shaking your head and calling me a liar then continue on with me here…

Fast forward to now with this creepy old dude who Jamie thought was Bey’s producer. C’mon! You can’t tell me that you don’t see through this shit. I was a bit surprised by the lazy PR work but I’m sure they will redeem this one. When Jamie sets up his meetings with men he makes sure that his bodyguard is not present, which would clearly explain why he had to tackle the man off himself.

As for the naked basketball games I know it’s true but the info I have isn’t first or second hand but from what I was told the game starts off naked and whoever doesn’t make a basket has to do a sexual favor. Don’t hold me onto to that. What I do know is that the PR firm made him sell his house because a few neighbors saw more then what they were supposed to see.”

Now, shocking photos have surfaced of Jamie Foxx wearing a G-String that he reportedly wore for some of his secret male lovers. Why doesn’t Jamie follow Andre Harrell, and come out of the closet already. Because, no one cares..Plus, the chics may even like him more.

If you don’t believe me. ask Neyo.

(pics courtesy of mediatakeout.com)

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