Fun Times @ Burkharts & My Little SECRET Crush!

Cher and I talked about going out to MIXX for a minute now since the move to Buckhead.We finally made it official last night (she did, I just tagged along.) It seem like it would take us forever to get to Mixx and when we finally did, it was maybe only nine people (including two bartenders) in the establishment…… So Cher suggested that we check out Burkharts.

Burkhart’s was everything I imagined it to be. Great times,a drunk lesbian,and cute men. Cher and I made our way to the second floor after gathering our drink of the night, and enjoyed an evening of The Mary Edith Pitts Show. The show featured the ever so funny Mary Edith Pitts as well as Ashley Kruiz, Alecia Kelly, Regina Ryan , and special guest, Savannah Leigh (who blew me a kiss!). The show was awesome. Mary Edith Pitts is just hilarious but not only that she is genuine and has a big heart.

While enjoying the show I notice my lil’ mini secret crush cruising around the club( mind you I am still observing from the second floor),ATL’s own  Brent Star (who do you think u r?). Before leaving you know I had to get a picture with him, He is so sweet and humble. I think it’s the southern charm.
Oh well if you are ever in town and want to go to a bar that is happenin’, check out Burkhart’s!

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