Ya’ll Sleepin ft Sisqo from Dru Hill

I got these photos from Missjia.com (Shouts and credits to http://www.missjia.com/) and quite frankly I think this is a good look for my man Sisqo! Then again I am a flaming homosexual from Atlanta so go figure!
For those of you who aren’t aware (or don’t care) Sisqo is currently featured on the UK version of Big Brother. They hosted Hunk of 2010 competition, which included a singing and swimwear competition. Naturally Sisqo won the event!
Don’t act like you don’t like his thong thong thong THONG!
See the rest of the pics and video after the jump!


Dude got cakes! Check out Sisqo’s 2010 “Thong Song”



Remember THESE!

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  1. cisco need 2 know better than that. He is running butt azz naked in the forest w/ a korean man. He's gay

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