Men Are Retarded & Other Observations..

I used to be so against people who use fake pics online but being on the other side I actually find it entertaining (at least on BGC) to sit back and read all the thirsty messages I get and laughing to myself. All this attention because of a pic. Thirty NEW messages and counting…

I have been MIA for a couple of days. Basically just been taking a breather and spending time with my love ones and what not. I spent time with my mother last night and we actually had a great time even though it was brief.

Sunday night @ Club Obsession was okay. I am really over the club scene. It’s SO boring these days. Kandi was a doll to meet though. She was so sweet and down to earth and we even swapped pictures.

Other then that little encounter, I was SO ready to go home but fulfilled my duties as promise to help out with the event.

Tuesday I was summon for jury duty and as usually (in my head)I thought that they were not going to pick me and that I would get to go home. Boy was I wrong. Not only did they pick me as a potential, but I had to sit in a courtroom IN FRONT OF THE DEFENDANT who was being indicted and charged with murder. Make a long story short, I made sure they didn’t pick me.

Anywho today it is shitty outside and I plan to go NO where.

Enjoys his morning beer.

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