Nude Galore: ft Anthony Harrell of BROTHAS

I would like to first off, give a BIG SHOUT OUT TO MISSJIA.COM! Oh Happy Day!
Do you guys know about this??
Apparently Mr. Harrell, of the Group BROTHAS (anybody remember them?) was showing some SELF love on Skype and an anonymous chick sent the follow link to Miss Jia. (Sound like a TRICK THE TRADE to me..)
Here are the links and pics….NSFW  (click on the post link above) 

Download the videos below..
And get this…There is also a rumor about him and his label lying about his age. (they say he’s 22). Well he’s actually “33″ and all his other brothers around that age. They basically took 10 years off their age for them to appeal to young crowd. Proof of which is easily found by for example going to “IMDB” and look him up you can see his real age there. Also for him appearing on “Saved by the Bell” 16 years ago (while he was a teenager) should say enough.
I could care less about his age to be honest. It’s the business and you people fall for it everytime…
Talk about BROTHA Love!

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  1. "SAVED BY THE BELL: The New Class"?! That wouldn't surprise me if it's true. Because his face and name both came as familiar when I saw this post.

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