Exclusive: Luckey Interviews KiDD

The last time I pulled an all nighter was back in high school when I had to study for my Constitution test ,which would have resulted in whether or not I would have graduated. I stayed up all night and day with editing and copying and putting together the segments of the interview. I was so tired but SO excited because this would be my first.
Allow me to introduce Darius aka KiDD. Many of you know who he is, for those who don’t, KiDD was a well know gay adult entertainer who has worked with everyone in the business.Dream..Castro..Sexyone and Thugzilla. He was “the” bottom to be reckon’ with. I met Kidd a couple of weeks ago online while checking my email and we talked for about an hour and a half. It was like talking to myself. Although I have never done some of the things (like porn or heavy drugs), We both experience alot of the same issues. Of course I had ALOT of question and surprisely he was answered every single one.
 Like most who are (were) in the adult industry, he has been plagued with prejudgement and rumors, but unlike many he stands tall and like a soldier, he battles them head on.
In this sit down interview he opens up about everything from his childhood to what it was REALLY like to work in the industry.   No question went unanswered. You think you know KiDD but do you know Darius?
Part One
Part 2

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