The Faggotry: Does Chris Brown Supports Homophobia????!!!!


My letter

To: Chris Brown and The Public

Last night i and three friends, two chicks and one gay male friend were excited to see our favorite singer Chris Brown on Ustream. He had basically begged his fans to help him get to 100,000 followers on twitter and as a reward he would talk to us on Ustream. Now usually singers like Teyana Taylor, Teairra Mari and Brandy actually speak to they’re fans , they respond and actually show they care. The live show that was no longer than 15 minutes was the most upsetting, disgusting thing i have ever witnessed. The reason we are writing this open letter to Chris Brown is because as human beings and as fans we think its time to express what people outside of the media who have supported him through it all are feeling. Does sitting in front of a camera not acknowledging any question or statement any of the 50k + fans were asking seem fair? We support you, we buy your albums, WE bought you that House, WE helped you rent those nice sport cars your seen in. Not only Chris but when will rude, selfish, arrogant celebrities realize that with out US they’re is NO YOU!!!

In 2005 Chris released his self titled album and it debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of 154,000 copies.In 2007 he released Exclusive it sold 294,000 copies in its first week and has sold 1.9 million copies in the United States.In 2009 Chris released Graffiti; it debuted at a disappointing #55 and it was ranked 1 out of 4 stars . The decline in album sales can be blamed on the physical abuse he put on Rhianna or the fact that he is arrogant, and could honestly care less about his fans. The question i ask my self as an ex fan is Does he really care for his fans does he toy with the words I love you fans to keep duckets of money in his pockets? I mean outside of the glitz and glamour and record deal your blessed with your no better or bigger than the next Joe. As a black young women i am offended!!!! Even after what happened with Rihanna we all (fans) worked hard to continue to support you and all we get the damn silent treatment. Thas all we get back??? The fact that you went and read to a few third graders in Brooklyn wont save your career. Being grateful and displaying such appreciation to the people who make you who you are will however. The Second thing i want to address in this letter is the extreme shock i found my self in while watching this video. Not only were you cursing , but when your producer Polo DA Don said “who wants to see some Di*k? and not none of you gay ass nigga*s” you laughed and turned your head so you wouldn’t be seen laughing. Your told him the video was for your fans , and that you could say anything.FACT: the words did not leave your mouth but the fact you did not apologise to everyone for such vulgar language and homophobia is shocking, For someone who claims they love they’re fans you sure don’t respect them. You boldly ignored us and the fact of the matter is the majority of your remaining fans are GAY. You just LOST that. So forget about releasing that as you put it “gay friendly Club Song”. IN a year in a half you lost most of your followers, tons of support from the urban community and BLACK WOMEN! But you want us to sit and buy your album??????? Really?

I know in this letter i may sound bitter, but to a ton of the younger urban generation you were our Michael Jackson but unfortunately i don’t see your career advancing any further. How many more sponsors can you lose? Your not Chris Brown 2007 your now looked at as the man with a temper, the homophobic. The guy who doesn’t give a damn. I’m not bitter, more so Hurt. As a fan i argue and stick up for you everyday all day but today i had to end the war i was in against everyone who has left your side. You may not care about any of this because I’m not Famous or the Hottest Video Chick, but remember where you came from. you want sympathy and a second chance, Act like you deserve one. God Bless and Good Luck

Letter From Beau Johnson

I’ll keep it short and simple. Fuck Chris Brown and his non existence career in music..

Fuck Polo The DUMBASS and his limped dick!

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