Luckey’s Divas: Destiny’s Child REUNION (minus Farrah Of Course…)

I am SO excited, I could SPIT!! I have some BIG DC news..well not really set in stone but this could be big!!

According to Sources, There are talks that Destiny’s Child are thinking about reunion…but not just ANY reunion!! GET INTO IT!!

“Mathew is currently in talks with some members of the Destiny’s Child group. LeToya and LaTavia have both been asked back to a reunion that will see them take to the stage for one last song. There is no talks of an album but may release one single and go on tour, much like the reunion of the Spice Girls.

Unfortunately, Farrah is a grey area for the girls. They did not have the best of relationships while she was in the group and Farrah hardly made a mark on the world before she left. Mathew is hoping she will be forgotten and the main members Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle, LaTavia and LeToya will form once more. However, Farrah has not been completely ruled out.

You may have seen LeToya becoming closer with Michelle and Kelly due to the recent talks. She is seen as the link to ensure LaTavia also joins as she has shyed away from the lime light in recent years. LaTavia was supposed to release her memoirs but talks of a reunion have put these on hold so as not to damage any future talks with Music World Ent. (Mathew’s Management Company)

After the release of Kelly’s project, the girls will come together and give the world Destiny’s Child one last time. Beyonce is currently on a break and is plotting away thinking of new ideas and a great mature sound. We will keep you updated on the progress”

Now before you guys pay this no mind, keep in that mind of yours that this is the SAME source who told you about…
*Kelly Rowland leaving Matthew Knowles management

*Michelle leaving Matthew Knowles management
*Tina and Mathew’s Divorce and…
*Mathew Knowles having another woman pregnant…

Now while Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are no longer with Matthew Knowles management as solo artists, He does have rights to the group.
Now I think this would be EPIC!! All the girls reunite for one final RUN of Destiny’s Child!! The only other girl group to do so,with ALL the ORIGINAL members, were the Spice Girls. (Although the tour was cut short, they were very successful with the greatest hits album). Now I told you about Letoya making up with Kelly Rowland and her sharing the stage with Michelle Williams (who replaced her back in 2000). I am not sure how Latavia would feel about this but I would hope all is forgiving. I think this would be a GREAT look for Destiny’s Child. For years, the girls (mainly Beyonce) have been plagued with rumors and gossips and I think this would show the TRUE meaning of girl power (if it doesn’t, I sure there will be some interesting tidbits along the way!!)
Now if you blinked back in 2000, you probably missed the fact that Farrah Franklin was also apart of the group briefly before leaving fired  six months later. Honestly I don’t think people will miss her. She wasn’t in the group long enough to really establish herself…Maybe she can be the opening MC or something…
I really REALLY hope this happens IF this is true and ALL of the girls are gamed! Letoya has been having great success with her solo efforts, as Kelly and Michelle and I am sure we would love to see Latavia again. Of course Beyonce would be a MAJOR treat.  OMG it would be a THREE hour show!!

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