Luckey’s Divas: Destiny’s Child News AND Update On Reunion!

As some of you guys know, Kelly has been making her rounds with her HOLLYWOOD BFF lately. She has also been making a couple of appearances on Brandy’s reality show, Family Business. Kelly will be joining the Kardashian clan for a couple of episodes.
Get into the rest of the girls after the jump..

Latavia was recently spot with some random child. She has since grown her hair out and I must admitt she still looking good.

(sidenote- Michelle looks reeeallly uncomfortable while the girls are looking at her REAL hard)

The lovely Michelle Williams, who is rockin a new HOT hairdo, posed for pictures on Friday at West Middle School after speaking to students Friday about the importance of education.

Students at Rockford’s West Middle School heard Grammy winner and Auburn High School graduate Michelle Williams talk about the importance of education in a motivational speech Friday, May 14, 2010. Williams also graduated from West.

Beyonce is said to be launching a funiture line under House of Dereon (no comment.)

Check out what else she is planning to “launch”..

POP icon Beyonce has launched a range of branded products designed to help self-pleasuring male fans to clean up after themselves.

Bootylicious Tummy Towels are hyper-absorbent and available in three eye-catching designs: face, breasts, or booty.
A spokesman said: “Beyonce’s brand is all about empowerment. She’s already empowered women by sending out a strong message of ‘it’s ok to shake your ass and titties round and round and up and down’, now it’s the guys’ turn.
“Our stats show that Beyonce’s male fans love to hang out with their friends, have great positive relationships and are always reaching to achieve their life goals. Plus they love to crack one out.

“Masturbation has a real stigma attached to it, especially when you’re 35 and it’s how you spend your afternoons. But it’s really just another way of expressing yourself.”
He added:”‘Beyonce is living the dream, and now you can too, by buying these expensive wank rags with pictures of her tits on.”

Of course I don’t believe this fuckery,but if this is true, this is an example of signing the dotted line without reading it first and letting people speak for you…BEYONCE NO!


Letoya Luckett recently appeared on ,The B.Scott Show, last monday. She talked  about what’s going on with her music, upcoming projects, and what it was like to film her first movie, The Preacher’s Kid, which just recently came out on DVD.
Check out the video for LeToya’s latest single “Good To Me” as well as the trailer for The Preacher’s Kid!
Now you know we can’t forget about our favorite red headed STEP child! You may or may not remember Farrah, she was the chick who replaced Latavia back in 2000, only to leave the group six months later. Anyways nothing special is going on with her but I thought I would share this trivia with you!
Did you know that Farrah and Lil Wayne dated??

This apparently happened after Lil Wayne’s relationship with Trina. But things didnt work out when Lil Wayne soon realized that Farrah was a complete “nut”!

Now for some more news about the DC reunion..

All the girls have been keepin mum about the possible reunion happening. Michelle’s camp has even came out to deny the rumor…

We can only hope it happens…until then stay tuned!!

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