#Hmmk:@LanceGross Likes Blonde White Women? Say It Ain’t SO!

This was just TOO juicy not to share so I saved ya’ll some tea…it’s in the freezer next to the diamonds…

Jacked from some random message board..

Lance Gross was in Toronto earlier this year and had sex with two girls I know. So I was going to make a kind of dick report since they took pictures in the bathtub together. They are both white and blond. They were like OMG you would never believe what he said!

I’m like: what? and they like : He stans for white natural blonde girls
i’m like…hmmmkay…

and they add: yeah he also said that even when he is sexing a black girl, he has to imagine that she is blonde or else he’ll never have an orgasm.

I was like HUH?????

he signed their panties and all…i was like WTF

he called one of them more than four time in a row barely a day after he left for the US. I believe it because they are professional groupies SMH and he should be ashamed of himself.

Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing a sex tape featuring Lance and two blonde bimbos! #2011 Leak?

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