#SnatchedWigs:@ParisHilton Tells @Kimkardashian "Bitch, I Want My Wig Back!"

It was just a matter of time before Paris started to feel that draft brush against her bald head. She is apparently  is getting a little annoyed and a little scared at her former BFF. You see it was PARIS who introduce Kim Kardashian to the Hollywood stroll scene! Kim carefully observed how Paris carved an image and made herself famous – and she also noted Paris’s mistakes. The next thing you know Kim made a sex video too, and had her own reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”, not to mention NEW ALBUM. Now Kim gets the private jets to parties and Paris has to pay her own way.Paris’s photos don’t sell any more and Kim is red hot. Paris Hilton is desperately trying to regain her popularity by filming a still untitled reality show with Charlie Sheen’s drug addled estranged wife Brooke Mueller.She’s hoping a new show will change things.

Now I was cool with Paris back in the day…when was that 2003? I forget. But her days are pretty much over. She should just travel the world and enjoy her wealth. Kim is the NEW It girl for Hollywood right now. She is bringing in the coins. She is the Beyonce of socialites. BODY and Curves are in. Paris was hot way back when all the GIRLS tried to starve themselves, living off of cocaine, vodka, and a tictac diet. 

The Men JOHNS are into curvy girls now. #dontbemad Paris! 

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