#TheRealTEA:@DaRealAmberRose ft @chrisbrown @kanyewest @teyanataylor @iamdiddy

I respect a hustler who gets their coins. As long as you ain’t killin nobody or robbing them, You cool with me. Check out the tea on her and Chris Brown after the jump!

Got this from a message board

Ye’ has had his management and Label pay for Amber’s expenses at some point but he also lavished her with a LOT of good things. You just gotta see it that way, they were the new it couple in town! Getting invited at every single fashion show and all, being offered 90 thousand $ us each fur coats and so on? Why? because of Amber! Think about it. But then bish wanted too much. Can you imagine she wanted to market a fragance with Ye √† la D&V Beckham. I nearly died laughing the day i heard that shit.

Diddy hit her right after CB @ that “all white party he had thrown” in Beverly Hills a while ago (back in July actually). Chris Brown was there with his Rihanna look-alike girlfriend Yasmine and “bla-bla mouth” a.k.a Teyana Taylor. I was there, i noticed that Teyana was acting bitchy toward Chris as if they had a beef before coming in or something. However Diddy was like: yo people!!! The dj’s gon do a tribute to MJ and of course C breezy jumbed in the middle of the crowd doing an amazing impression of MJ’s moonwalk. Everybody was celebrating him and out of the blues here comes Amber, throwing herself at Chris, kissing him on the neck. HUH??? everybody was like Yeezy getchogirl. Chris didnt seem shocked. Not long after he was dancing with Amber. They were holding hands, making out in the shadow she had her hands everywhere on him, you could see his shaft getting hard from miles away uuughhh SMH anyway later on they nestled on the couch in the backyard.

Teyana was real real mad at chris, complaining LOUD AND CLEAR about the amount of time he was spending with her. And shit got real when they kissed on the dancefloor in front of Teyana. She patiently waited with Chris’s date in a corner as he was in there with Diddy, another guy I don’t know and Amber rose. 

Let me figure out Teyana was secretly in love with chris. I dont buy this “He is like a brother to me” for one second

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