#WTF: @JanetJackson Tickets Are Too DAMN High!

If you want to go see Janet Jackson’s Number Ones tour, you better save up your rent money, car note,tax returns etc, because it is going to cost you between $122.00 to $1,213.00. WTF?? Not to mention there won’t be any pyro effects and fireworks (weave flyin’ not to mention) but more of an intimate moment in smaller venues (Think Beyonce’s I Am Yours stint in Vegas). Now I LOVE Janet and I STILL think she got “it” but I am NOT about to break bank just to see her whispering all night on stage. No ma’am! 

About two years ago she canceled the “RockwitU” tour, claiming that she was too sick to continue (the TEA was she didn’t sell enough tickets). Although things are looking up (at least with The Luckey Star..), times are still challenging and we need all the coins we can get.

Again I LOVE me some Janet, Ms. Jackson if you are nasty, but I think I am going to sit this one out and watch it via YOUTUBE!

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