#FYI: New Ride "Dare Devil" Dive Coaster Comes To @Sixflags OverGA This Spring #2011

Just in case you didn’t know, I am sucker for Amusement Parks and I will ride most rides (I ain’t hardcore..yet). Well a couple of summers ago I had the pleasure of working at Six Flags Over Georgia, right around the time I first moved back to Georgia. One of the perks of working there was being able to go to the park and riding all the rides as much as I wanted to. My favorite ride is Goliath (and Batman at night). Anywho the park is getting a new ride! Get into it if you DARE!

Calling all daredevils. In 2011, Six Flags Over Georgia will introduce Dare Devil Dive,
a “euro fighter” coaster with an amazing drop that’s BEYOND vertical.

Dare Devil Dive’s mission begins as you’re pulled straight up to the sky on a special vertical chain lift, then slowly roll to the top of the tower nearly 100-feet in the air. After an agonizing pause at the crest of the summit, you plummet downward at an angle that is beyond straight down — it actually angles inward at a blistering 52 mph. It is the country’s first PAUSE element before the beyond vertical drop.

Then you careen through a thrilling combination of diving loops while executing three inversions before you catch air on a zero gravity hill and swoop across the dreaded Immelman vertical U turn stretched high above the ground. The crescendo builds as the car dives toward the ground and up into a Heartline roll before being slowed by the magnetic brakes. Whew!

   Dare Devil Dive Coaster, opening in late Spring, 2011 at Six Flags Over Georgia.

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