#GetN2it: @abitchforjustice How Does or Has the Blizzard Affected Our Transgender Homeless??

So often we gripe and complain about what we don’t have. We forget just how bless we are with what we have. Get into this posting by a dear close friend of mines, who I consider like a mother to me. I am sure you of you can related!

Over the past week, the news and surrounding talk has been full of the blizzard sweeping across the country and reeking havoc in the midwest and northeast corridor of the United States. “World News Now”, while showing the trouble it’s causing, has had the temerity to show us the “lighter side”, with folks slipping and sliding on the ice falling, as well as YouTubes of fellas (mostly shirtless) diving into snow drifts. Ha, ha! Yuk, Yuk! Big fun, but these people all (when it’s all said and done, and they’ve finished cutting the fool) have warm homes to return to and enjoy the “15 minutes of fame” they’ve gotten on the news. Whoopi G. of the “View” gives us a shot, laughingly explaining that it’s of Central Park, of a window where we see nothing but white (another yuk, yuk).

BUT after all these stories of “cancelled flights” and kids getting “snow days” out of school, added to this extra jocularity, NO ONE has addressed or even seemed to consider the homeless! Overall, I’m sure they  are bearing the real brunt of this situation.

Additionally, while a great many of these homeless are finding shelter in the facilities established for their situation, I’m about as sure as I can be, that transgender individuals are not being served there, as are the rest; I believe this to be so,especially if they are anything like the ones here in Atlanta.

When I keep seeing these bits on television, I can’t help but wonder who’s going to put a spotlight on the homeless transgender situation during disasters like these? As such a marginalized and disenfranchised group, I somehow can’t help but see, in my mind’s eye, homeless transgender men and women succumbing to hyperthermia, pneumonia and limb-threatening frostbite. Of course, the media doesn’t seem to be aware of the homeless in general, so why would anyone pay attention to transgender homeless?? Is ANYONE paying attention??

~Cheryl Courtney-Evans


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