#Hmmk: The REAL Reason Why Chris Brown Won’t Be At The Grammy’s!

Even though Chris Brown was nominated for several Grammy Awards this year, he will not be at the ceremony.  Get into it after the jump…
Source- Sandra Rose..

This email was sent by a well-connected source within the industry who asked to remain anonymous:

By the way, I know the real reason why Fistopher Brown isn’t going to the Grammys: the producers of the show and the Grammy committee told him that they did not want him there. They said he waited too damn long to try to get that restraining order lifted, he should have told them sooner so that they could have planned for their security, and that they did not appreciate him making a scene so close to the award show by asking for the restraining order so close to the show. They know well enough that the reason Rihanna did not make it to the show that year is because of him beating Rihanna.

According to my source, they never even expected him to have the nerve to show up, especially since they scheduled Rihanna to perform. They were furious when they found out that he was trying to flip the script and all of a sudden come. They didn’t even have a SEAT for him. Also, they wouldn’t have had Rihanna performing “Love the Way You Lie,” – a song about domestic violence, with his ass in the audience.

They were not checking for the idea of having to deal with that PR, especially since Fistopher is really B-list and not an artist too many people are checking for. Let’s face it, he ain’t nobody’s Michael Jackson, in spite of what he may think. The Grammy people did not want their show to turn into another VMA Kanye/Taylor Swift fiasco. I don’t know what Brown’s people were thinking, but this was the worst move ever.


I ,like MANY, don’t not fancy Sandra Rose much so She could have easily made this up but then again we will have to see tomrrow night…

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