Who Is Luckey Talkin’ About…..

Before this southern bred dude landed his success, he was known to live off of his girlfriend before kicking her to the curb when he got paid.

While his first two albums were decent, he really didn’t blow up until his third album (meanwhile Chris Brown, who was hot at the moment caught a case after beating his then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009)

Earlier in his career, he has been seen in at various black pride events (before he hit it big)

This well known bisexual is often seen with Drake (a closeted gay geek) and Chris Brown (among Bow wow and Soulja Boi)

Before that, while attending Howard University*  he dated a fellow lesser known singer (Talk about CAKES… Dunkin Hines!)

His label fired his entire team and hired an entire new team to revamp his “image” “locking the closet”

Dude is as arrogant as they come and his trademark is taking his shirt off during performances and singing about sex (He is not the greatest singer, often compared to a crying goat). While women everywhere loves to say his name, he secretly can’t stand the attention.

He had a reality show on BET which didn’t do well but hey it’s B.E.T.!

His recent performance with former background singer & hype man, on the EBT Awards has been gettin rave reviews!

His birth name intials is T.A.N.

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  1. took me a second but it must be Trey Songz

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