Enough Already!!

OK I am back with something else to get off my chest,lol.Who in the hello said to keep re-hashing the same things over and over again?! I think some things just need to be left alone and I mean, left alone! If I see another headline talking about a sequel or remake, I am throwing my laptop out in the trash! Okay, maybe that’s too dramatic, however, you guys know what I mean! I am reading things about The Color Purple being made again! Why? The book and movie are both timeless classics and should be left alone! I am hearing Willow Smith as Celie,nooooooo! I think she is adorable but no, The Color Purple should not be touched by anyone! I am tired of looking at movie listings and everything has a number next to the title! If a number is not int the title of a book adapted for screenplay, then leave it out and stop re-hashing and mashing together all these sequels and prequels! Come on Hollywood, start reading books, use your imagination, be creative and MAKE me want to spend money on a night at the movies! Stop trying to feed me old greens with lukewarm corn bread! What do you guys think?

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