Updates and Rants!

Hola mamis and papis! It’s your girl, morenamamacita, in the building for a few minutes! There is so much to talk about! My sister is still in thee hospital and I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers.It really means a lot to me that people have been reaching out and I appreciate all of you! Okay, while I have been out in the boonies in another state, I see so many things have been going on that I want to write about. I will get caught up with you guys as soon as I am back in my own state for good. I am taking care of my nieces while my sister is in the hospital and her husband is working long hours.
The one thing I really want to address is the Casey Anthony trial. This is coming from being a mother, sister, aunt and daughter. Everyone raves about these reality shows with teen moms, when the real life action is the trial of Miss Casey Anthony. I almost feel it should be mandatory for young women and teens to watch the trial in its’ entirety and see what real life is really like! I have been following this since the child, Caylee Anthony, was missing, and I am just astounded by the mother and the parents in this case! Let me clarify something, I did not have my daughter until I knew I was ready to have a family! I knew in my teens and early twenties that having a baby was not a part of my status. I was too selfish and it was all about me and doing what I wanted and finding out who I was. The one thing I knew for sure was that being a mommy was not a part of that scene. I had my daughter after I was married, stable and ready to be a mom. You have to be strong in the physical, mental and emotional sense when you decide to bring another life into this world and not just plopping out children and still doing whatever! Casey Anthony, to me, is a prime example of a young girl that had no business having a child so early, because she was NOT ready in any sense to be a mom! Once you become a parent, it is no longer about you and that is where so many women fail, because they think children are dolls that one can put away when playtime is over and that is so far from the truth! I cannot even comment on her parents, okay yes I can! My parents are divorced with four grandchildren in two states and they know where all of those children are at all times! Let my sister or I act like we don’t know what’s going on with our own kids and my parents will call child welfare services! There is no way that I could tell my parents that I left my daughter with a nanny! Yeah, right and then I can’t produce her for a month?! I just don’t think they would go for that and I’m out partying and acting like I don’t care, right! I know I’m rambling a little and ranting but I do not understand this woman or her family! This is why I say forget Teen Mom and all of that, watch Casey Anthony and remember to keep it covered if you are not ready to be a parent! Okay I am done for now,lol! Please, discuss,comment and just let me know what you think! Adios, for now! Besos!

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