Drag Diva Shi-queeta Lee Presents Drag City DC (Meet The Cast)

Drag City:DC A Reality TV Show/Independent Film called “Drag City:DC”. Should the program show promise I have hopes that it will be picked up in other cities as well. It is a show focused on the art of Female Impersonation (more commonly known as drag) with great behind the scenes footage (the best part of any drag show is rarely seen by an audience) of how they prepare and transform when they hit the stage at Queeta’s Palace (the show’s main venue). Along with the performance aspect of the show I would also like to show insight into their everyday life. With story lines depicting what it’s like to not only be Gay in the G.L.B.T.Q. Community but to be a Drag Queen/Entertainer in the sub-culture. I want to show their goals & hardships and to really take the viewer on an adventure, following the Queens and their dreams. As a Drag Queens we celebrate life through Diversity and Entertainment, and really isn’t that what America need right now? Diversity and Entertainment!
Chanel Devereaux
Tyria Iman
Lacountress Farrington
Epiphany B. lee
Raquel Savage Black

Get into the video below..

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