Queens really get to be Queens according to New York City, Let the wedding bells ring. The New York state senate approved gay marriage back on 6-24-11, with a vote resulting in 33-29. New York has now become not only the 6th state to legalize gay marriage, but now the largest. LET THE CHURCH SAY “AMEN”. This is a great victory for the gays, bisexuals, homosexuals, lesbians, fems, queens and transgenders abroad. Seems like the motto “Be Yourself” and “Do You”, will now have so much more meaning.

            BUT WAIT– Houston, we have a problem!!! The state of New York has gotten such a vast response from the success, a new york lottery had to be held. The city clerks office recieved an estimate 2,661 online applications for marriage as of July 5 and about 1,728 are same sex couples. Unfortunately,  the lottery will only guarantee about 764 couples to be married this Sunday. Which is legally the first day for  New York, gay couples to get married. To register for the lottery, residents must go to their city clerks office website or call 311. The lottery enteries actually opened last tuesday and will close this thursday at 1200 (noon). Winners will be notified either by email or by phone on friday. CONGRATS  to you  & GOOD LUCK!! . So, “Who Runs the World— Gaaaays!!” Over and Out!!

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