Let’s Talk…………Men!

Hey mamis and papis! It’s your girl, morenamamacita and I have been gone for a while, but, I’m back to chat with everyone! First, I hope everyone is doing fine and well in this heat, I am stuck in the house because of my Lupus not liking the heat. It is what it is and I am digressing. Let’s talk about men! This is about Black and Latino men from all backgrounds. This is for the hetero and lgbt community and the men that are a part of it all.

I have been keeping up with the news and all the latest reports and something started bothering my soul. Why are our men constantly being vilified in the public eye? Don’t get me wrong, there are bad apples in every bunch, but it seems as if all I see are brown and black faces being put on blast! Yes, I am saying it, right here and right now, we need to stop feeding the stereotypes to the public! I am tired of seeing my men being portrayed as: evil, lazy,non-providers, gang members, drug dealers, ill tempered and just no good! Women and men, listen up, we need to stand behind our men and start lifting them up instead of stepping on them and letting everyone see how we treat them! I saw an article on a young man in the entertainment world and clicked the link to the video! I was so disgusted that he was being ripped to shreds and there was a black woman helping to tear him down! This needs to end!

Our men need to be celebrated for their accomplishments and goals. They are human and go through things and we need to be right there for them instead of bashing them! I am so tired of seeing this in our communities! Our men are strong and leaders and it is time that we come together and show the world that we love them and we are united. It seems that the Latino and Black communities are the ones that don’t know how to hold our men down and then we wonder why they run to other races! Stop, look and listen to our men. Stop telling them how they should act, who they should be, stop degrading them, disrespecting and airing dirty laundry and start celebrating their character and strength. They go through so much in this society and world, they need us to say…good job and not say…whatever! Pay attention, love and respect our men, I know I do and I certainly don’t want to see them hurt anymore than they already have been.

OK, I am done with this but discuss amongst yourselves and stay cool in this heat and say hello to a strong, beautiful and courageous black or brown man walking past you instead of having attitude. Trust me, it goes a long way and it can make his day! Adios for now, besos.

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