Oprah is Bringing the Big " O" to the "A".

Oprah Winfrey is known as Americas
unofficial First Lady. Now, that her reign as
the Queen of Daytime Television is over, she
has a little more flexibility and wants to
get to know you.  Oprah is bringing an all day
Seminar to the city of Atlanta on October 15
called ” O YOU.”  She wants to get up close and personal
and stimulize your mind, like she has never done
before. This event will range from topics such
as, “Finding Your Passion,” to “Feeling Good and
Looking Better” .

      Now, you know Oprah cant come alone,
she will be bringing some of her well known & repeated
guest and life coaches that we all are familiar
with. The range of guest, include her well known  best friend
Gayle King, Suze Orman, political analyist
Donna Brazile and of course health expert
Dr. Oz . If you want to see Oprah and the

whole gang, youre gonna have to digg deep into your pockets
This is no cheap event. Tickets
are a whopping $125. But How Many times do you
get the opportunity to see Oprah, Live??  You decide.
Visit  http://www.oyouonline.com/ for more info.

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