Let’s Talk………..Chronic Illnesses

Hola mamis and papis, it’s morenamamacita again with another discussion and some info for your mind. I felt compelled to write about chronic illnesses not only because I have one but, because there is so much misinformation out there. I think one thing that really made me want to speak out about diseases is a certain, one hit wonder female “rapper” that called herself telling people off from A-Z. When this person started talking about people giving each other diseases that are non-communicable and then talking out the side of her neck about it, I had to cool off before I wrote about it.

I have Lupus and for anyone that wants to know more I will put a link below. IT is not a communicable disease meaning no one passed it to me. Is it an auto-immune disease? Yes it is, but the antibodies in my system do not recognize bad bacteria and therefore teams up with everything to fight against my system and those are the days when I am in the hospital or I can’t even move or do anything for myself.

There are other chronic illnesses such as: Grave’s Disease, MS, Cancer, Heart Disease and the list goes on, that people live with every single day and NO ONE passed it on to them! I would also say that although HIV/AIDS is a communicable disease, you don’t have to have it if you protect yourself and if you do have it, take care of yourself and stay protected, that’s a definite way to stop spreading it.

I won’t stand on my soapbox long, but I am calm enough to write about it now because I realize that some people are just ignorant and afraid to find out the real facts before blasting something of which they know nothing about. Let’s get educated, informed and tell others what we have learned, instead of spewing forth garbage and ignorance. Adios for now, gotta get rested up for the concert I’m attending tonight, I plan on losing my voice. Discuss amongst yourselves and stay focused, besos.

Information on Lupus: http://www.lupus.org

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