Late Night Talk……..

Hey guys and dolls. It’s miss morenamamacita back with something else. I have been thinking of ways to write about this and present it without offending anyone, but what I write about is the plain old truth. With that being said, let’s get into our late night talk.

I want to touch on the subjects of addictions. In light of recent events with a person that had so much potential losing her life, I decided to write about addictions and I welcome all comments. For those that say addictions are not a disease, they are somewhat right and I will explain. I believe that they are voluntary impulses that turn into disease, for the person affected is sick and needs help just like any other sick person.

I have seen what certain addictions can do to people and it’s not like the movies, folks. I understand what being addicted to anything can do and how it can affect those around you. We make fun and laugh and call people “crackheads” and in my eyes I see a man that could have been a CEO or a woman that was once so beautiful she could have been a model. I think there are people out there with addictive personalities and they have something in their lives that they simply cannot live without. It can be food, drugs, sex,or anything that gets them to that feel good place. To me it’s a substitute for something lacking within themselves. Some people have told me they became addicts because of low self esteem or growing up in a family full of addicts and thinking it was okay because that was the only life known.

I know I seem to be all over the place and I am not trying to be. I am not a bleeding heart Liberal but I am also not a monster. It pains me to see people suffering from addictions and not even realizing that they need help. The ones that think they can handle it alone become introverts and some die, all alone. There are some that get help over and over again because they just can’t fight that demon off and it angers me when their supposed support system keeps pushing these people to keep going knowing that that person is still in danger.

I have seen friends, family and superstars lives just crumble because they were pushed to keep on going and worry about their addictions later and it seems to fail every time. If you know someone that is addicted to serious things, be there for them, don’t be a yes man, tell that person the truth whether they like it or not, be there for that person at their lows and highs, because you could be saving a life. Okay, I have rambled enough, leave your thoughts and comments below and be safe.

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