CNN Anchor Don Lemon’s Rips Senator Rand Paul A NEW One!

CNN’s Don Lemon let Teabagger Party favorite Sen. Rand Paul HAVE IT over the debt ceiling crisis on Saturday night. Get into it after the jump!

As the House and Senate failed to reach agreement on a solution to raise the national debt ceiling, the ultra-conservative Kentucky Republican appeared on CNN. Paul has rejected the plans by House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Lemon confronted Paul over his party’s refusal to compromise with Democrats and criticized him for relying upon “talking points.”
LEMON: OK. Mr. Paul, I’m going to ask you again, just a simple answer to my question, if we indeed default, who’s going to be to blame, do you feel?
PAUL: I don’t think we should default, but if we do, I would say it’s the president’s fault for not reassuring the markets but he will pay the interests. And actually, privately, he is reassuring the markets, but publicly he’s still playing this game of chicken. But we have plenty of tax revenue to pay the interests on our debt, there’s no reason to default.
LEMON: I appreciate you taking the time, and I just want simple answers because, listen, you should know that the public is really frustrated right now, and they don’t know what’s going on, they don’t understand why we haven’t come to some sort of consensus, you guys haven’t come to some sort of consensus, and they want some answers. You understand it. Are you feeling that in Washington right now?
PAUL: You know, we have been continuing to offer compromises. About 30 minutes ago, if was on the floor and I offered to vote for the re- bill.
LEMON: Hang on, hang on, one second again.
PAUL: You’re in the middle of my answer.
LEMON: I know, but I’m asking you to answer the question — I don’t want talking points, with all due respect,
The last minute talks continue at this hour. “The top Senate Republican and Democrat both expressed optimism that a $3 trillion deal could be reached to avert the economic and political calamity of a potential federal default,” reports the New York Times.

Im glad finally someone on CNN has had the balls to speak up and not allow the republicans to talk in circles like everyone can’t see what game there playing…so over it. Congrats Don!

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