@SVelvetNoose Presents "I’m a Nobody Too" #RETWEET #PROMO!

What Can be said of literary artists, S. Velvet Noose?  Tim’m West, Author of “Red Dirt Revival” declares that S. Velvet Noose, born Stefano S. Patton, brings the splendor and aesthetic of poetry  “with bravery of voice and creativity.” Signed to author Tim’m West’s Red Dirt Publishing,  S. Velvet Noose speaks with an urgency that calls us to recognize the plight of the Black LGBT Community.  He does so with his awesome, dynamic, prolific mixtape “I’m a Nobody–Too.”

S. Velvet Noose’s “I’m a Nobody–Too,” brings to you, “Sankofa,” “Coins,” and “Burn Like Kush,” just to name a few of the works on this mixtape.  “Sankofa”, which symbolizes a mythological bird of the Akan Society, deals with a young man learning from a past cycle of abuse which came from his uncle, while “Burn Like Kush,” deals with the “abomination of homosexuality” as the old saints would say and the feeling that it is so right.  The love and lust that is deemed deviant and wrong is like “a fire that consumes.” The lovers “Burn Like Kush.” Coins deals with the ups and downs of a Trans-woman who adopts and cares for homeless LGBT youth.  The Trans-Woman does what she needs to do in order to help her kids as well as herself. 
    “I’m a Nobody–Too,” does not only deal with the LGBT community in terms of lifestyle he deals with the archetype and stereotypes that not only plague the Black Gay community, but as well as the Black Race and its attitude. He “makes a mockery of the mockery” with historical allusions to Huey P Newton, slaves being raped and sexed up during the slavery period, as well as images that deal with the Black Church and its hushed mouth approach to homosexuality. The mixtape offers the vocal seduction and talents of Revee Johnson, Chris Chillis, and DeMario Harden. You will here background tracks such as the Roots featuring Eykah Badu “You Got Me,” “I’m Every One Woman,” By Chaka Kahn covered by Whitney Houston as well as “Got ’til its Gone,” by Janet Jackson.  

   Other tracks include “Jimmy,” “The Land of Milk and Honey,” and “Number 3.”  You will go on a poetic, prolific, and musical journey as you learn and hear the stories of various characters throughout history of the LGBT-Q Community.  Get into “I’m a Nobody –Too,” by S. Velvet Noose. You can find him on twitter: @SVelvetNoose, www.SVelvetNoose.com, as well as on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/SVelvetNoose.  The Download link is: http://www.mediafire.com/?66ch2cyymhsc5mv . Get into “Sankofa” below.

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