Sorry, not talking about Miss Beyonce this time.
Apparently,  Lisa Raye of the new Vh1 show ” Single
Ladies” has gotten the last laugh. Prior Reports show
show that her and Stacey Dash, has had several  feuds on
set, due to Ms. Dash confusing lines and arriving
late. Ms. Raye was not happy about that at all, confronted
Ms. Dash  about it, but the problem continued.  Lisa Raye insisted on having the last laugh. Apparently,
she persuaded several members of the cast to complain, to the producers as well, which resulted
in Stacey Dash not returning for Season Two.  # Fail . Lets see if this shows success continues without the beautiful  Stacey Dash. This show is just just beginning and already making cast changes, not a Good Look. If you remember UPN’s ” Girlfriends”, how the show crumbled when the character ” Toni Childs”, played by Jill Marie Jones made the show fumble, when she departed ways. Only time will Tell.  Gueesshh Ladies!?! Can we all just get along.

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