Are Nipple Slips The New Black?

*The following post is not to shade anyone’s ‘favorites’ but merely my thoughts and opinions based on my own observations. If it offends you in anyway, TOUGH SHIT

Now lets get into the subject for today class!
 I just want to know exactly what is going on in the music game today!? Sure sex sells but this is just gettin ridiculous…

As you all probably know by now (and seen the pictures courtesy of yours truly),Rapper Nicki Minaj and R&B starlet, Kelly Rowland have falling victim to “wardrobe malfunction”. Nicki Minaj’s incident happen while she was performing in front millions on Good Morning America, while Kelly Rowland’s incident happen, while performing at some random club.

Of course this is not the first time such incidents has happen, if you remember during her train wreck days, Britney Spears was notorious for flashing the coochie. And then there was the EPIC performance with Janet Jackson and Justina Timberlake at the Super Bowl. 

I am convinced that these girls are doing it on purpose. The night before her performance on GMA, Nicki Minaj was caught in a lie, when TMZ released an audio tape of her 911 call. A couple of weeks before, there were rumors that her hype man/ boyfriend hit her. She took to twitter and blasted the naysayers and fans, claiming that it wasn’t true and something about golden showers…

Fast forward to the day of the performance, she clearly lied to her fans, so what could she do to take some of the attention off of the situation? You guessed it…..NIPPLE SLIP. Some may argue that she probably didn’t mean for it to happen but if that is the case, you KNEW you were going to be bobbin and weavin across that stage, you couldn’t use some of that double tape to glue some of that silicone down?  She is REALLY trying to snatch Lil Kim’s wig!

And then there is Kelly Rowland…..Oh Lawd why Kelly?  She can NOT say that was an accident. I know you felt the draft as you were grinding and gyrating to ‘Motivation’ (which I am sure people are sick of hearing), she even looked down several times in the video and kept it moving. 

Sorry but I know better!A woman can feel a bra rising up if it is too tight so this was no accident. She knew photos would be taken and emailed. This is what she wanted. I don’t know who she’s trying to impress! Those tits look like she borrowed them from Harriet Tubman! All this to sell records? I mean c’mon Kelly, you come from royality! You sang back up for Beyonce! And what killed me is that she was wearing these long ass flaired out pants. You couldn’t cut some of that shit off and cover that bra? Hmmmmk…

I’ll give Nicki credit for actually putting on a show. That was 100% staged. You can’t wear certain items and then be surprised when parts of you are exposed. All that dancing she was doing with no bra and she is surprised her breast came out. Trick, please.

Clearly this is some basic bitch shit and as much as I love her, I blame Damita Jo!

Beyonce wouldn’t DARE try this shit on purpose….#smdh

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