Bring your tissue and be of a good mind-set when getting ready to watch this movie. This movie ,” The Help” stars Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer & Emma Stone -who are living in a small mississippi city during the civil-rights era & life cant seem to get any better . The movie streams from the maids point of view during that era, also considered , ” The Help, ” hence the title. It depicts life as it once was, where the blacks were called  “Colored” and the whites cosidered themselves superior. Nothing was shared, everything was seperate. In this movie,  blacks were no longer slaves, but still treated seperately, only recieving  mediocre jobs with mininum wage  such as  being a butler or maid.  Blacks were mute on expressing their opinions & hesitant to speak their mind because they were too afraid to get beatin or even killed. This movie shows the breakthough , where blacks finally gained some confidence to speak up and prove they deserve equal rights &  that their voice needs to be heard.  I say watch the movie with an open heart because  several scenes  can be quite wreched causing you to have a cold heart, but only merely convincing you ,to remember how bad times once were. It humbles your spirit and reminds you what people sacrificed and went through to gain the freedoms we have today. It also soothes  your soul and reminds you of how blessed we are as a people. Now, dont get me wrong, this  movie isnt all sad and depressing, their are several parts and will keep you laughing, smiling , pissed and crying. Its alot of everything wrapped up in one. I give the movie an Overall A +  for a great representation and depiction of what life once was in the south.   The movie is soul-wrenching, heart breaking and uplifting. I suggest everyone to go see it and support your actors, not via bootleg, but in the actual movie theaters. Be Supportive. Be of Good Cheer.

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