Beyonce Is The Second Coming Of Michael Jackson….

…according to ‘King B’s’ husband and partner in crime, Rapper Jay Z, in a recent interview.

Jay Z was in Miami over the weekend to promote his new cd ‘Watch the Throne’ and sat down with Miami radio station 99 Jams. Asked about his famous wife, Beyonce, Jay Z replied,

‘What I learned from her is what I learned from Mike, and I know that’s blasphemy to compare the two because Mike was such an innovator but it’s like the second coming. 

‘For the hard work and the dedication that she puts into her shows – it just makes you want to work harder at your craft, she’s like a machine.’ 

One thing about ‘King B’, she IS a bad bish in the business! She been snatchin wigs since 1998 and the haters STAY pressed! She has accomplish more in her decade long career then most veterans would ever see in a life time. There is NO other entertainer that is close to her. She ain’t Michael but she is  one of the greatest!

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