WAIT…Jada And Marc?

I really don’t give a damn about J.lo and her soon to be EX husband Marc Anthony. Will and Jada is another story. A black power couple, I definitely want to see them make it. They are denying all claims that they are divorcing and to a certian level, I believe them. 

As you may know Jada and Marc are costars (and lovers I believe) on the hit show ‘Hawthorne’.

Rumor has it the REAL reason why Will and Jada’s marriage is on the rocks is because of Marc….I never knew Jada was a SIZE queen! Get into the story below..

Although Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are still publicly pretending that their “marriage is intact,” In Touch has the shocking behind-the-scenes story of their major marriage trouble. For months, an insider says, Will had been harboring suspicions that Jada had grown “uncomfortably close” to her HawthoRNe co-star and their friend Marc Anthony, who was still married to superstar Jennifer Lopez. “Will expressed worry to some close to him that there was more than just on-set chemistry between Jada and Marc,” the insider tells In Touch. So when Jada told Will she needed space and moved from their Malibu mansion into their Hidden Hills estate — and began spending more time traveling without the family — Will grew increasingly paranoid. In early August, he decided to confront his gnawing doubts about Jada and made a surprise visit to his wife. And, sadly, his suspicions were seemingly confirmed. “He left crying,” the insider confides to In Touch. “He was very upset. He said Marc was with Jada.”


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