Forgiveness is for You

As I sit and watch “Sins of the Mother” starring Jill Scott as a recovering alcoholic and former abusive mother.  In the movie, the daughter, Le Shay, struggles with forgiving her mother (Jill Scott). Jill Scott continues to apologize, but its like Le Shay doesn’t accept it. 
    This movie got me to thinking about my own issues with forgiving my father.  It took a while.  My father and I would fuss and fight and we’d make up.  However, we’re actually getting along better.  It took me till I was 19 years old to realize that I needed to forgive my father for his absence and his trespasses against me.  Notice I didn’t say some, but all of them.  I didn’t want to miss Heaven and miss the man of my dreams as well be bitter and angry at my father for the rest of my life. 
   I remember one Sunday going to church one Sunday and I heard someone preach “you’ve got to forgive to be forgiven.” It lead me to that scripture concerning “The Lord’s Prayer” when Jesus told the disciples “How can your father in Heaven forgive you of your trespasses when you can’t forgive your fellow man.” That stuck with me.  I found myself repenting and attempting to make things right. 
     I encourage you to forgive those who have wronged you or hurt you.  I know it is hard to do, but admitting that they hurt you is the first step.  Its time to move on.  When you hold on to that pain you allow bitterness and hatred to fester and brew and in turn cause you to internalize that anger and you take it out on everyone knowingly and unknowingly.  You may miss your chance to love and your chance to live your life freely.  Forgiveness is for you, not the other person.  Forgiveness will free your mind and your life.

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