9-11 Remembrance & Reflection

            I remember 10 years ago Today, America was attacked & New York City’s Twin Towers crumbled. It was a very vivid experience. It was actually one of the few mornings I didn’t watch the news, as I usually would before I went to school. The school year had just began at Clark Atlanta University & we were having our freshman induction ceremony. My classmate sitting next to me told me what happened, but I didn’t believe him -laughing in disbelief,thinking he was joking. The guest note speaker was former Atlanta Mayor, Shirley Franklin. I remember she stated it was suppose to be a day of celebration, but instead it was a day of sadness. At that very moment, I realized it was true. The nation bad been attacked by terrorist, not once but twice. In New York City & Washington D.C. I was speechless & shocked.
              Due to the tragedies, the ceremony was shortened, so people could go home & check on their families. I had no car at the time & Marta buses were so scarce, it was like each driver had quit. Almost every bus stated – Out of Order. It was official the U.S. was in total chaos & I had no ride home. WTF!!! Luckily, after panicking & waiting, the bus arrived & I was off to my long ride home. The streets were almost empty, the highway was completely barren. Not a soul in sight. It was just me & the bus driver.
             When I got home, I immediately cut on the news. Almost every channel was reporting the attacks. Showing the crash. Showing the turmoil. The panic. The pain. The smoke. The terror. The chaos. It was almost like watching a movie, but this time Steven Spielberg nor Jerry Brucheimer were behind the camera. I eventually got word, my family in those areas were unharmed, but unfortunately many Americans weren’t so lucky. The reports went on for days, weeks, even months. The body count rising day after day. Hundreds, then thousands.
            Many people  died on that tragic day. I pray for the victims. I pray for the firefighters. I pray for the policemen & women. I pray for the volunteers. I pray for the innocent bystanders. I even pray for the terrorist, due to their ignorance in making such a bad decision & creating  a unnecessary disaster.  Lord Bless the families of all parties involved. We can not bring back those who have fallen, but we can continue to remember those who sacrificed their lives,  whether  voluntarily or not. Today ,10 years later after all the rumble & rubbish has been removed, a memorial has been completed & finally opens. It was  built on the same grounds of the disaster & consist of walls & walls of the names, of the victims taken away so suddenly. It also consist of  Greek mythology & artwork, representing the soul as it leaves the body, ascending to a better place. God Bless their souls. To get More info on the memorial, go to http://www.911memorial.org

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