Southern Comfort Conference 2011

Winnona & your truly will be attending Southern Comfort Conference here in Atlanta! I attended last year and had a BALL! I even got to meet Chaz Bono, who was phenomenal and very sweet! I attended the seminars and I learn a great deal about transgender issues and meet  so many wonderful people.

I promise I will try to get some video footage and pictures!

The Southern Comfort Conference is a major transgender conference that takes place annually in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1991. It features seminars, events, speeches by prominent people in the LGBT community, a career expo, numerous vendors catering to transgender and transsexual people, and more, and is known as the largest, most famous[citation needed], and pre-eminent such conference in the United States. The organization offers scholarships to some attendees.

The conference provided the title for and is featured heavily in the 2001 documentary Southern Comfort, about the life and death of Robert Eads, whose goal in 1998 was to live long enough to attend the conference. Eads succeeded, and his speech at the conference is featured in the documentary.In honor of the memory of Eads, the conference offers health exams through the annual “Robert Eads Health Project.”

The conference has built a reputation as a safe place for LGBT people with a familial atmosphere, and aims at inclusiveness. It attracts people from all over the United States, offering the opportunity for social and other interaction.

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