Basketball ‘Wolves’ Attack Lil Red Riding ‘Draya’

#icant with this show. I don’t even know why half of these former groupies ‘wives’ are even on this type of show. What REAL wife would want to be apart of this mess? I rather see the players themselves to be a brutally honest! (Aren’t they jobless right now?)

I must admit, I was curious to see what Basketball LA would be about. Considering that Gloria Govan (the Shaunie of the show) was basically run out of Miami, I thought maybe they would get it right with this show. I was wrong! 

Among many reasons as to why I really can’t stand this show, I don’t like the fact that the girls are trying to come for Miss Draya. The fact that Jackie is old enough to be my grandmother, I would expect her to have some type of class but of course these heffa have to marry her husband every day year just to prove an irrelevant point..

She has no fuckin life and it’s apparent.

Laura Govan, who is notorious known for breaking up Shaunie’s marriage to Shaq O’neal, should sit down somewhere and get some freakin therapy. The chick is LOONEY! 

The only other chick that I can tolerate on the show is Malaysia! She stood up for Draya and deep down inside, I am sure she could relate to Draya to a degree..

Honest Draya needs her own damn show… screw those hypocritical, backstabbing, she wolves….

If I was Draya…
I would’ve told Jackie that I didn’t go to her wedding because I didn’t want to make her feel bad when I came up there looking banging while she looked like a hot ass mess. And then I would’ve left and never associated with them ever again.
Just sayin.

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