Chris Brown’s Boy Toy Is A Stunt Queen….

Unless you been living under a rock, I am sure you heard about the latest on Chris Brown and another run in with his lovers. The particular boy toy in question, Singer And Songwriter Martyn, got into it with Chris via twitter and basically ousted Chris Brown, who have since retaliated and threaten a lawsuit against Martyn.

Well Martyn went on a radio show in Ohio to clear up the ‘rumors’ and said it wasn’t what you thought….

Martyn told Power 107.5 that he met Chris Brown after a concert and that they became friends and began following each other on Twitter.

Martyn was asked if the direct messages between him and Chris Brown were real. Martyn answered that some of them were real and some of them were fake.

Martyn was asked if he ever had a sexual relationship with Chris Brown and he answered no.

Martyn was asked why there were Tweets from him seemingly confirming the tryst and Martyn said he had been sarcastically repeating what he’d read on blogs.

Martyn was asked if he has spoken to Chris Brown since the controversy began and Martyn said their attorneys agreed that they should not speak.

Martyn was asked if he has received any money and Martyn admitted he had received free concert tickets and free studio time.

This fool probably made the whole thing up and tried to cash in on it. I am speculating that there were something going on with Chris and this dude but then again maybe  Chris was doing him a favor and being nice and dude took advantage of it. Either or, it’s not going to make people more interested in his music. If all that was said so not true, you should have came out sooner and diffused the situation….The dude is  a stunt queen. TRUST me!

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