VERY Pregnant Nia Long Covers EBONY Magazine..

…and foxy mama is givin’ them fever baby! 

40 year old Actress Nia Long bears all on the November 2011 cover of Ebony! Check out the alternate cover below..

Personal note. So I am hearing that people are making a big deal about Nia Long covering EBONY magazine bare and naked. They feel that their children shouldn’t be seeing a naked woman on the cover (who is pregnant.) because they don’t want to have to explain why her belly is ‘big’.

Are you serious? This is why children grow up having children. It’s okay for them to listen to Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’, because they don’t know what Kelly is really talking about (insert sarcasm here) but it’s NOT okay for Nia Long to be on the cover naked and pregnant. 

Children are not stupid. They are very intelligent beings and as long as you telling the truth, you have nothing to worry about. I think the cover is refreshing. I don’t know… just my opinion….

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