Kim Kardasian could Teach some Black Women a Thing or Two

Feminism pops up in pop culture everyday; one just has to recognize it. Sunday and Monday night E! Television aired a combined four hour special of Kim Kardashians’ wedding, which roughly four million people watched per-night. The fact that Kim herself or perhaps her matriarchal mother seem to be at the helm is the saving grace of this exploitation.

For centuries it has been women sold from father to husband or (to be politically correct) given away from father to be married to husband. But, with Kris Humphries barely there celebrity basketball status it seems that he is the one being purchased by Kim and not the other way around. For goodness sake the woman is even smart enough to know she has a brand – a flourishing empire and does not feel the need to be an extension of her husband’s identity through name. The term ‘purchase’ perhaps shouldn’t have been used. The goal of feminism (in my opinion) shouldn’t be the ability to be equal to men, but more so free of patriarchy. That act of selling and purchasing humans is a patriarchal tradition.

During the special Kris Humphries slammed his then fiancé by saying, “Four years ago you sold clothes in a boutique in the Valley,” referring to her D-A-S-H clothing store. I won’t apologize for loving a woman that knows how to pimp out her own beauty for the fortunes in the world. Men do this sort of thing to women all the time, so to see a woman lend her image to consumerism in a non-minstrel way is appeasable to the system. The Black women of the many Bravo and VH1 shows should take note.

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