Welcome, Unexpected Trans Supporter; KUDOS to YOU!!

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
Oct. 12, 2011

Reading the posts in a facebook transgender “group” of which I’m a member (“The Tea Spot”), I came across this video that was posted there from Youtube by another member of the group. It was a totally unexpected but refreshing and welcome support from a young man for the transgender community; he came to the defense (unbeknownst to her) of a transwoman who had come the office where he worked to apply for a job. Check it out, and finish this article afterwards:

I think it’s just AWESOME that he would not only take the time to “go off” on someone that was acting so immaturely, but further take the time to at least attempt to educate the ignorant! I couldn’t help but feel that it would be so great when more people would let their humanity/sensitivity come to the fore enough to actually follow through and take some sort of action on behalf of transgenders…. And to think that this woman never even knew him; she didn’t even know that there was someone in the outer office who was standing up for her while she was in the interview room, hoping and praying to get past bigotry and land a job.

I couldn’t help but think about that, and how trans folks do look for work, and so many transwomen are rejected (due to their trans status) so often, that they fall into ‘survival sex work’ (with a feeling of “no alternative”); it becomes a self perpetuation of the stereotypical opinion that too many folks already have of the trans community, and I wish that more non-transgender folks would do what this young man had the courage to do, changing the way things may turn out…eventually (though hopefully sooner rather than later). THANKS, TJVlogs!!!! You’re a good guy!!

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