Some Mathew Knowles Tea..

Get into it below and discuss among yourselves..

Beyonce is not shady like her father. Many of the shady business dealings surrounding Beyonce stems directly from Matthew. The main thing people have an issue with in regards to Beyonce is the amount of publishing she takes for records. Other than that she’s doesn’t do a lot of shady business.

Now Matthew….SMH. There are many producers who I’ve worked with directly who were signed to Matthew as producers and they were ROBBED off their publishing. There’s one producer who produced a huge record on the BDAY album (i won’t name the record because it would be a dead give away on my identity) but he was signed to Matthew and only got $25,000 for the track…period. Now that may seem like a lot of money but keep in mind the song went on to make way more than $25,000. Matthew took all of his publishing…dude doesn’t get royalties or nothing because he signed them away to Matthew in a shady deal. Now here’s a dude that’s produced a hugh record for Beyonce barely gets credited for it as a ghost writer…I don’t even know if his name shows up in the credits but they replaced his name with the name of a major producer and I think they either credited him as a co-producer if I’m not mistaken but dude was the one who actually created the beat from scratch.

Another instance of Matthew’s griminess is the way he treated the girl group that was signed to his label. Barely gave them any money…had them locked in their contract for years (even had one of the girls miss her graduation by threatening to kick her out the group if she didn’t show up to the performance). When their contract was finally up he retained the rights to ALL their songs so they basically ended up in like a 7 year deal shelved at Music World and then all the work they did with him they basically have nothing to show for it because dude kept all their music.

Why do you all think Matthew aggressively pursued signing Jennifer Hudson during the Dreamgirls era when she overshadowed his daughter?

Jennifer and her people saw the writing on the wall when Music World, Matthew’s company which distributed the Dreamgirls soundtrack, failed to submit her showstopping rendition of And I Am Telling…to the Grammys. It would have been an easy win for her and this was when he had considerable clout on the board, having a major hand in many of his daughter’s wins. You do the math…

One of the hidden secrets of how these executives do business is this…

have you ever wondered how in the last 10-15 years there’s only a few artists to reign on top? Well, I learned working at the labels (and Matthew, Diddy & LA Reid have been notorious for this) is that labels will sign acts who have talented, and they feel may be a direct competition for their main act on the label, lock them in a contract and shelve them for years so that they don’t sign to another label and compete with their breadwinner. That’s why someone like a Beyonce or Rihanna can have years to reign in the industry because their labels make sure they keep the competition at bay. They’ll sign acts who they have no intention of ever investing in, give them false hope and completely ignore them. This has happened not only to artists but to producers as well. There are a lot of talented acts signed to labels who don’t have the “machine” behind them so they end up stuck and by the time they are let out their contract their too old or too jaded by the industry to want to even do this music thing anymore.

That’s why the music industry has been dying a slow death. It’s not just illegal downloads but it’s that artists are waking up and seeing how these labels really operate. L.A. Reid is about to take a serious fall…karma is def starting to come for him. He wasn’t forced out of Def Jam for nothing.

The bottom line is that if you choose to be a star in hollywood and you are uneducated about the business, YOU WILL BE SCREWED! Guys like Puff Daddy, Mathew Knowles, L.A. Reid, Jay-Z and Tommy Mottola are very well educated about the industry. Hollywood is not a 9 to 5 job. You must be well educated and have eyes in the back of your head. In hollywood, EVERYBODY IS A THIEF!

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