Kris Humphries Plans To Exposed Kim Kardashian Fake A$$!

Kris Humphries plans to expose Kim Kardashian’s fake booty secrets.

KIM KARDASHIAN’s big booty is a big, fat fake, sources say – and her estranged hubby KRIS HUMPHRIES is threatening to expose the truth!

The reality TV sexpot insists her bubble butt is all natural and even displayed an X-ray of what she claimed was her backside on her show to use as proof.
But some insiders claim the curvy 31-year-old beauty uses butt pads and say Kris filmed a video that proves his estranged wife’s prized posterior is phony!
Kris remarked to pals that, while he loves Kim’s shapely butt, it’s not the same as what you see on the red carpet…or TV.
“Kris told his buddies that it takes a lot of work for Kim to make her bottom look as good as it does,” said a source. “He revealed all her secrets – how she uses ‘booty pads,’ Spanx and other things to enhance it. When she takes off the Spanx, the pads and everything else, it’s not the same.
“He knows what the real thing looks like – be¬cause he’s recorded it on his cell phone camera!”
But Kim – who filed for divorce 72 days after she married NBA pro Kris in a lavish Aug. 20 wedding filmed for the E! network – swears that she’s never had implants or fat injections in her rear.
“The butt implant rumors are so not true,”she insisted in an interview.
To prove her point, Kim flaunted a “butt X-ray” during an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kar¬dashians.”
“Despite what Kim said on her show, I think she has definitely had fat injections in her butt,” the source said.
“Kim would never call it a Brazilian butt-lift, but that’s essentially what it was.”
Kim works very hard to look her best, but even before they split, Kris taunted her about her weight, sources say. At 5-foot-3, Kim claims to weigh 115 pounds, but Kris told pals that she’s closer to 130.
“Kris would pat Kim’s bottom and say, ‘You sure have a lot of junk in your trunk,’” divulged a close source.’
“Then Kris actually began calling Kim fat! He said the undersides of her arms were flabby and she was getting a pooch in her belly. Kim was furious!”
The first source added: “Kim is all about creating illusion. Having Kris spill the beans about how she really maintains her world-famous butt would be devastating to her.”
Perhaps Kim’s concerns explain why she cut short an Australian business trip in early November and flew back to L.A.
“She frantically called Kris but that didn’t work,” said the source. “So she hopped a red-eye flight to his parents’ home in Minnesota to talk to him in person.
“I think Kim wants to make sure Kris keeps the secrets about her body to himself – and NEVER, ever releases the film footage he has of her.”

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