Why? poetry by Musique’s Poetry

Why am I wasting my time on you?
 Why am I so busy looking at you?
You’re behind me.
You’re not in front of me.
You’re just a remnant of what was.
Why must you always want to present yourself?
Why do you think that you will ruin what is to be?
I’ve stopped asking.
I’ve stop getting mad.
The past is the past.
YOU are the past. 
Mistakes, I’ve grown.
Bad relationships, I’ve moved on.
Drama and haters, I’m prospering.
It’s a new season and a new day.
So what, I’m in a new area and you can’t accept it.
No more “whys.”
Just know that I’ve won and I’m stilling winning.
“Why,” you may ask.
Its because I’m living the blessed life.

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