Luckey’s Exclusive Interview w/ Model Noah Doe @NoahTheModel!

If you don’t know who Noah Doe is aka Noah ‘The Model’ , don’t worry. We got the 411 on this sexy ‘tall glass of water’. Get into the interview after the jump and try not to drool..

Who is Noah? Where are you from?

Noah is the alter ego of Lamar. Noah is the hard worker. he’s all about his goals and achieving them. I’m From Flint, Michigan

Like many of us, you are very open about your sexual orientation, what was your coming out experience like?

Wow! I was 15 and my mother’s boyfriend saw my type of friends and asked me was I gay and I was like yeah, so he told my mother and we didn’t speak as much as I thought we would but now she be joking about it with me and that lets me know that she was cool with it, we still haven’t talked about it but when the time is right I’m here.

Tell us about your upbringing? What was your childhood like?

I grew up like any other should be brought up and that’s respectfully. I had a love/hate childhood but I manage and survived it, I still keep in contact with majority of my childhood classmates. I still go see my 2nd grade & 4th grade teachers. I even see the ones that changed after high school they see you and act like they don’t know you but I still speak and move along. I wish I could go back to the 90’s

What are your hobbies and other talents?

Honestly I love rollerblading, amusement parks, road trips, Etc, sometimes I’ll just sit in the house and watch cartoons all day. I really don’t have any other talents I still looking for one lol.

How long have you been modeling and what inspired you to want to be in the modeling industry?

I did my first test shoot in 09 in Charlotte, NC and since then I have not stopped. Besides having the look, personality and the way I smile with my eyes I also want to be a role model for all the young black models that’s trying to make in the industry they’re my motivation and my inspiration.

 If you had a plan B, just in case modeling did not work out, what would it be?

A screen writer and actor, I’m writing this show called ‘Bestie’s’ targeting the heterosexuals and homosexuals. I think this show will change the minds on how heterosexuals looks at us, I even added some of my life stories inside some of the cast members as well, so hopefully I can finish it and get it pitched.

You were close friends with the late great Dariel Pulliam, fashion & hair stylist to the stars. What was your relationship like with him?

Omg! My relationship with Dariel was amazing each time I went to his home we had fun and his Best friend TC was just as cool we watched movies and ordered pizza while listening to Lil Kim! Man we love us some Lil Kim me and Dariel was always rapping her Raps. He’s truly missed; he was always a positive person I never saw him angry, the good ones are always taken away from us R.I.P Dariel

These last few years, Atlanta has been known as the NEW Hollywood of America and everybody who want to be somebody have moved down here and very few have been successful in getting gigs and such. You have spoken about your move to Atlanta. Do you have any advice for dreamers, who may be contemplating in moving down here? What would be your advice?

Well as of right now I’ve moved back to Michigan due to a death in my family and family comes first but that’s not going to stop me from grinding I can work outside of Michigan I don’t have a problem traveling as long as I am staying busy I’m good. Being in Atlanta was cool I made friends with a lot of people in the industry but you do have to watch out for some of them, I’m not bashing anyone but I came across a few that told me I wasn’t a real model because I wasn’t on a real magazine and they would stop my modeling career but once he got word I did an editorial shoot with Tyxavier Weldon he congratulated me on the shoot so if you’re going to move down there just watch who you become friends with but overall the people I’ve met are cool and I consider them as family.

What are some of the hardships that you have had to deal with in your modeling career?

Not being represented by an agency because it makes it harder for you to find a real good paying gig, also legit photographer’s time is money and some photographers like to just tell you what you want to hear so you really have to watch out for those and money up front agencies, if an agency wants to sign you and they’re asking for money and say it’s for your pictures that’s an automatically NO, you’re not supposed to not come out of pocket if they’re a real agency.

What would be your advice for those who may want to get into the modeling industry?

If modeling really your goal In life and you really want to pursue it then go hard for yourself until you are picked up by an agency because before you get signed or even be noticed it’s up to you to market and sell yourself to the buyers.  Always  stay fit because male models die out quick so it’s up to you to keep your flame lit.

What are some of the misconceptions of being a model?

A big conception about models are that people think models are vain, conceited, pompous & ego trippers.

Now I am sure you know by now that you are fine ‘tall glass of water’lol Are you single? What is your definition of an ideal mate?

Lol I am single. My ideal mate honestly has to be tall, handsome & have their own I don’t want to date a star I want a regular person because when I get famous no matter how much money I have I’m still going to be Noah Doe. Regular person doing regular things. Don’t get me wrong I’m going to shop and party but I’m going to use my money for a good cause and sometimes it’s good to  just chill in the house with your mate cuddled up all day, ordering take out lol haven’t find that one yet but I’m not in a rush but if “Wade” come my way I’ll be here.

2012 is almost here? What are your plans for the New Year? What are your upcoming projects?

I know right 2012 is round the corner and I cannot wait I’m so excited, I don’t know what I am doing for the New Year’s but I hope it’s something fun lol. I’m currently working on signing with this company called Erotic City Global that manages Models,Singers,Rappers Etc I’m actually going to be the face of the company! hopefully we will be doing photo shoots soon by the New Year. I’m also working on getting with an agency, 2012 is about to be a busy year for me and I am ready for anything that’s coming my way.

Anything else you would like to say? Where can your many MANY fans stalk you? (LOL)

First off I would like to say thank you Luckey Star for doing this interview. I really appreciate this and thanks to everyone that’s supporting me on this road to success and I also want everybody to follow my best friend Davi @Dsquared3000 upcoming stylist. Follow me On Twitter @NoahTheModel & Also Check Out My Fan Page & don’t forget to Like the Page As well. For booking contact me at Thank You!

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