"Smallville" actor Sam Jones Checks into Prison

   “Smallville,” actor Sam Jones III is checking into prison.  Also, known for his work on “ER” Jones, who had  been sentenced to 366 days in prison for his role in a drug ring, has new home which will be the low-security correctional facility in Lompoc, California, for the next year.

  TMZ has reported that the actor plead guilty to conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of Oxycodone, a painkiller.  The prosecutor wanted Jones to serve 5 years, so he came out lucky.
   It is reported that before sentencing this past June, Jones pleaded with the judge stating that he had lost everything; his dog, house, car, and his role in “Blue Mountain State” due to the drug charges.
  The judge showed leniency by cutting the actor a break due to his “minor” role in the drug deal.

    Let’s hope no one finds that alleged sex tape of him and Playboy ex, Karissa Shannon and want to practice those positions on him while he’s in the slammer….Don’t Drop the Soap Sam!


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