This Rapper Is NOT Bisexual; He Not Only DL But HATES Women!

He  has serious mental problems and so does his brother. He admitted to being in some type of home for teens that had mental issues. He was on PCP for years but managed to kick the habit before his debut album came out but he admits to messing with prescription pain killers from time to time to get high. So, basically he traded one addiction for another.

this particular rapper is part of the downlow secret society. 

To most he is considered a one hit wonder.

Allegedly, this man hates women with a passion!

He was beating on his then girlfriend, she managed to get away and run out of the door, she got to her car and locked herself in while she attempted to start it.  This didn’t stop him from jumping on the hood and trying to smash the windshield glass with his fist.

She drove off with him on the hood, he finally fell to the ground.

He’s also been known to beat women with shoes, boots, hangers and belts. It’s been rumored that he’s burned women with lit cigarettes.

One woman said he tied her up and tortured her for hours. When she was finally let go, he threatened to have his boys beat her down if she called the cops.

This rapper allegedly has herpes and told his boys: “I care so little about b**ches, I will infect as many as I can.”  Allegedly, one of his boys told his girlfriend, and she called the health department (anonymously), we don’t know the outcome.

He’s spit in women’s faces, he’s dragged them around by their hair (tarzan style) and he rarely refers to them by their name, instead, he calls them b*tches and h*’s.

Allegedly, he likes to hang out at the dog park with his homeboy. He’s very loving and attentive to his homeboy’s dogs yet he’s unable to show this type of affection towards women.

Ike Turner is his idol and in his opinion, Ike showed the world how women should be treated.

He’s known to attack girlfriends unprovoked.

He has an uncontrollable rage that he can’t contain yet he’s been involved (discreetly) in a long term relationship with a man.

Allegedly, this relationship is not violence free, they got into a fist fight at a grocery store and were asked to leave by the manager.

It’s amazing that this man is not a pimp or serial killer.

LAST HINT: I posted about him last week.

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