"Rag Tag" Love Isn’t Just Black and White

    “Rag Tag,” is the first feature film from Oxford University graduate and Mucka Flicks Ltd, founder, Adaora Nwandu.  This film deals with Nigerian born Tagbo and West Indian born, Raymond.  Together they are “Rag and Tag.” The two grew as friends from the age of 8 until a call to social services sends Rag (Raymond) to live with his grandmother in Birmingham.

  Taking place in London and parts of Nigeria, “Rag Tag” chronicles Tagbo and Raymond’s reunion 10 years after the fatal call.  In this tale of family, friends, and, love, the two come into being and find out who they love and find out that they cannot live without each other.  This film tackles homophobia, religion, racism, as well as classicism that often plagues society.  Starring as Raymond is Danny Parsons and Damola Adelaja as Tagbo.

   I found out about this movie from a friend on facebook. This movie is awesome.  It causes you to think and really see that not only do the LGBT in the USA deal with stigma’s but so do those in other countries as well. This movie is available on Amazon.com as well as at Adaora Nwandu’s website Rag Tag Movie. Get into “Rag Tag” below.


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