LGBT History: Who Were The Dynamic Superiors?

Many of you old heads may have remember this group from the 70s. 

Toni Washington, Maurice Washington, George Peter Barks Jr, Michael McCalipin and George Spann had been singing together since junior high school in Washington DC. In 1972 they signed with Motown, working with Ashford and Simpson, and recorded four albums.

The lead singer Toni known for his perfect falsetto voice (above-4th from the left) was very openly gay both on and off stage…perfectly made up face…false eyelashes…and hair perfectly styled, and he often performed in drag.

Oftentimes, Toni would change the lyrics to songs while performing on stage. Instead of Me and Mrs Jones, Toni would sing Me and Mr Jones. There was another group member (who was also rumored to be Toni’s lover)  was gay but he was not quite ready to come out at the time. Many years ago when the group played Atlanta, two policemen came to the show every night. When Toni asked one of them to come on stage and sing with him, the policeman ran out the back door…

Toni Washington is now deceased. It is alleged, that he was one of the first R&B entertainers to die of AIDS.

Click the following link to watch the Dynamic Superiors perform: “Shoe Shoe Shine” and my personal favorite ‘Leave It Alone

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