Luckey’s Exclusive Interview w/ @Boytoyrocks !

I got my life back in the day when I witness this young sexy man (along with a young lady) ripping the stage to Beyonce’s ‘Get Me Bodied/Freakum Dress’ medley and the rest is history, Born Richard Tyreak Gathers, Boytoy Rocks is a fashion designer, a dancer, a musical genius! In this interview we talk about everything from where he came from, struggling in this god awful economy and his thoughts on suicide and bullying! Get into the interview after the jump!

Hey Tyreak thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview for little ol me! I guess my first question is who is the man behind BoyToyRocks?


What’s your government name? Where are you from?

Glad to be doing this interview with you Luckey me. haha.
My gov’t is Richard Tyreak Gathers. I was manufactured in the Bronx, New York.  
I don’t know if you remember me back at good ol Club Miami! I remember I saw you dancing in the middle of the floor with some girls and you definitely stood out not only with your dance moves but your outfit reminded me of a disco ball. What is your inspiration when you design your clothing? Who inspires you?
Of course I remember you! You were the only one out of the whole crowd of people gawking at me the whole night, that was bold enough to speak to me. Great networking! 
My inspirations are drawn from my imagination. Im more inspired by things of fiction rather then actual humans.
You are a beast when it comes to dancing.Who taught you how to dance?I know you are a HUGE fan of Micheal Jackson! Who else inspired you to dance? 
It started with him….But what kept me interested in dance was simply music, When I realized I could express myself mind, body & soul through music, is when i started dancing, singing,rapping and writing, and sketching. 

I remember I read an interview about you and you said you would never sell your designs for money. I find it refreshing that you stay true to the art. Do you still feel the same way today?

Well,I did not plan on selling my actual designs for money at the time because I was making money selling my designs as products myself. When i snapped back to my realty I knew being a fashion designer was just one of the many facets that make me a jack of all trades…Master of entertainment. So I put that aside and started focusing more on music and visual imagery.  I would sell my designs if credited.
The economic times has definitely been hard on all of us. How has it affected you,what have been your struggles and how do you find the strength to keep the Boy Toy Factory going?
Im on a constant hustle. As an artist and entertainer I have been able to utilize my talents to keep me a float.
Whether it be selling my videos, apparel, performance gigs etc. 
Strength comes from determination. Determination comes from motivation. Motivation comes from inspiration.
Inspiration comes from within. When your truly know yourself, what you want and what your capable of, the world becomes yours. Moments of weakness are expected, but its not how you start, its how you finish.
So strength is really determined by the consistency of how well you handle finding an equilibrium in life. Its a balancing act. 
You definitely have a large LGBT following! Is that important to you?
I would say a certain level of open mindedness and willingness to embrace the many not so-standard things i have to offer is a more important trait in my fan base then their sexuality. It just so happens that the gay community usually are more keen towards my artistic agenda, having a fan base from all walks of life are important to me, including LGBT community.
You are also an music artist. My favorite video from you is the ‘Innocent/Decadent Thriller’ which also had an uncut version! Do you write and produce your own music? Where do you get your inspiration when you go into the ‘music factory’?
The thriller was my first full length short film and is also one of my favorites. I write all of my music and produce 95 percent of it . I draw inspiration from Life experiences as well as outer body experiences. My most unique technique is using my imagination and blending it with “real life” I can stare at a piece of cardboard and conjure up a song based around it. 
Your latest record is ‘My Pretty Dick’ (A Toy Story) which samples Slick Rick & Doug E.Fresh “A Children’s Story” & “The Show”. what was your inspiration behind the song and video?
I wanted to tell a story…I wanted to “tell a story that must be told”. It was an experience of mine, that i exaggerated for entertainment purposes. I also have always been a fan of Slick Rick, Doug E Fresh, and a host of other classic hip hoppers and this generation doesn’t really pay must homage these days. I felt “Children’s Stroy” was the perfect set up for what i wanted to say. Slick being one of the greatest story tellers in hip hop…it just made sense.
Certain types of blogs were also par of the process…Mediatakeout for example will post the most disturbing hot ghetto escapades you can imagine…so when i see people that look or act a certain way…i think damn that’s some “mediatakeout type shit” or something of that nature. There is a giant gumbo of random things that caused the creation of the “Pretty Dick” project.  When story is pretty self explanatory when you view or listen to it 

How do you feel about labels in society? Do you agree with it? 
Society in itself is defined by labels. Without labels there would be no modern society as we know it.
Because it thrives off of generalizations and putting every thing into a category. 
To an extent  doing thing in that method makes certain things easier….to another extent it can make certain things more difficult. Everything cant be simplified…but everything cant be overly complicated either.
I think society doesn’t have a sense of balance when it comes to labels. 

What does Tyreak do for fun? What are your hobbies?

Everything I do in terms of art is fun to me…..Going to places i’ve never ate at before is always fun, I love to eat. Traveling and experiencing different cultures and seeing what things are common and uncommon in other places. Even if its just traveling through the states…theres so much to witness. I love watching adult cartoons as well…South Park is a euphoric experience for me.  I also love Angry Birds. I am an Angry Bird.
It’s sad that in 2011 we are still dealing with bullying and young children taking their own lives.What message do you have for the youth out there?

Whether it is 1942, 2011 or 2037…..there will always be someone that thinks they are entitled to take advantage of people they see as “lesser” or different from them, hence bullying will occur. We cant stop bullying or suicide. What we can do is cause a greater awareness and promote more programs   

designed to counsel not only the “victims” but programs designed to counsel bullies as well.Ignorance is the biggest influence in terms of all this mess. We cant magically rid the world of ignorance but we can look at the man in the mirror and decide to make a change within ourselves and do what we can within our own community to help stop the epidemic. It starts at home.

The fans want to know are you single? What type of girl/guy grabs your attention? 

I am single. Unique individuals that have a certain :thing” about them grab my attention.
That “thing” varies from person to person, so there’s not much of a specific type. 
What your plans for 2012?
 Global Domination. 
Anything else you would like to say to your fans or shameless plugs?
Spread my links, music and videos around like Kat stacks spreads her legs. Bad Boys Club Movement coming 2 012.

Thank you BoytoyRocks! Make sure you guys show him love and support him!

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