Transgender Author Toni Newman Controversial Book ‘I Rise’ Gets Movie Treatment!

Transgender author Toni Newman, who made headlines with the release of her memoir ‘I Rise: The Transformation of Toni Newman‘, is about to hit the silver screen. Get into the press release after the jump!


Transgender Author Toni Newman’s book I has been turned into Screenplay called The Erotic Professionals and Artist ThinkDep of will be providing the Song to the Promo Trailer for the Movie.    The screenplay will be directed by Film Director Keith Holland and one of the producers for the film is former 2006 ebony/jet swimwear calendar model Alton Demore  The screenplay will be featuring a Black Transgender in one of the 3 lead roles.
Alton Demore

Here is Dep’s Bio
His voice as powerfully textured as the strongest espresso. His music – a colorful blend of rhythms and words – bobs heads, gyrates hips and occasionally stirs the affections of lovers. An entertainer of infinite talent, he is a high-powered artist worthy of his name: DēP.
     For DēP (pronounced: deep), the path to stardom paralleled that of many black artists – amidst the church walls. But his stage was quite different from the one that framed the pulpit. A table would be the first stage he’d grace. It was there, at the age of three that his tiny frame belted out a gospel tune that melted the congregation into a chorus of hallelujahs. The flame of DēP’s calling was then ignited. And the journey of an emerging force on the entertainment scene began.
     DēP is well-honed at flexing his vocal and songwriting strengths throughout the industry. His devoted work ethic has birthed an impressive body of work: performances and writing credits for various musical affairs throughout Houston and beyond.; masterfully penned songs for legions of today’s gospel and R&B artists that have rotated on radio stations nationwide; and an energetic stage presence that has wowed audiences across the country on national tours.
     In the acting realm, DēP studied under Houston’s most noted instructors. His talent has been showcased at premiere performing arts venues, including the renowned Ensemble Theater where he developed an extensive list of acting credits. His television appearances include BET and TBN as well as commercials for Six Flags and Ford.
     Having earned a reputation as a man on the cusp of stardom, DēP has also graced the pages of various publications including VIBE magazine, Rolling Stone and Houston Press.
     After building a solid reputation in Houston, DēP relocated to New York City to advance his career among the industry’s movers and shakers. Once there he was signed to Elite Records Inc. and began performing as a lead member of the R&B group, Signature. Though he relished the experience of group performing, his heart was intent on solo success. “Being a solo artist ensures fewer boundaries,” he says, “The creative restraints of being in a group disappear.”
     Those creative chokeholds are currently being shattered with the upcoming release of his solo venture. In this spicy debut, DēP will channel the essence of his fiery personality into the project, providing a kaleidoscope of grooves – from soul-tinged riffs to a funky fusion of R&B and rock. The project is ripe with unabashed lyricism and explosive plays of party rhythms.
      While continuing to embrace the full gamut of his talent in an industry that can be fickle and fleeting, DēP remains grounded by his deep faith in God, a relationship that makes the journey towards his dreams sweet and effervescent. In keeping with his faith and goals as an entertainer, DēP cherishes one quote and urges his fans to follow suit: “Remember, nothing is happenstance. In everything you do, think DēP.”

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